Website Builder

A simple no-code website builder module for Moodle. Real world examples: Website Architecture Create & Distribute A single website module instance can have one or more sites, based on the distribution method: The range of options are: Single Site – This will create a single teacher-driven website, great for displaying course related information to students […]

Going Serverless

Check out the finished product here: What is Serverless? Web applications typically have a backend (application logic and database) and frontend (user interface). In past times, the backend and frontend were both part of the one application. The backend would execute application logic (C#, PHP, Java), access the database (SQL), and then generate and serve […]

Continuous Feedback

A new direction A shift away from semester based reporting to a continuous feedback model providing timely, targeted, and calculated feedback to students about their learning progress. The solution A central interface to manage the creation of assessments, handle grading, feedback, and ultimately, parent messaging and views of learning progress.  Value added for students and […]

Excursion Planning System

Check out the git repo: The problem All excursions/incursions in the school need to undergo an approval process, looking at risks, event timing, parent permissions etc. This involved manual and error-prone paper-based handling for a complex process with serious duty of care implications. Forms developer attempted digitisation via a number of SmartIQ forms, but […]

Moodle Announcements System

Check out the git repo: The problem Parent feedback was that they were overwhelmed with messaging from the School. Communications were from multiple disparate channels, including direct ad hoc email. Format and delivery was inconsistent. The solution A system to provide a unified channel of communications. Fine-grained audience targeting (courses, groups, years, campuses, houses, […]

Knowledge Base

The problem Information including policies and guides scattered throughout disparate sources, such as document stores and websites, and not easily discoverable, accessible nor maintainable. The solution An accessible knowledge base, with access based on community role (staff, parent, student, public) Performant search capability Handbooks feature – allowing information to be organised and grouped logically and sequentially […]