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The problem

  • All excursions/incursions in the school need to undergo an approval process, looking at risks, event timing, parent permissions etc. This involved manual and error-prone paper-based handling for a complex process with serious duty of care implications.
  • Forms developer attempted digitisation via a number of SmartIQ forms, but the solution was found to be inadequate, convoluted and difficult to audit. 

The solution

  • A simple and unified interface for the planning process, including entry, collaboration, and approvals.


  • Form fields for event information and documents
  • Flexible and open approach to limit back and forth movement in the process – Information can always be changed
    • At any stage of the planning
    • By any organiser or approver
    • After the event has occurred
    • Organisers and approvers will be notified of changes
    • Certain fields are configured to trigger a new approval flow

Student list

  • Who will be attending? Select by
    • individual
    • course
    • group 
    • taglist (SIS integration)
  • Live medical report
    • Generated on SIS, based on selected student list.
  • Student alerts
    • Excursion consent (warning), data not updated (info). Does not prevent inclusion.

Planning Review

  • Displayed as a side pane on the unified interface.
  • Separate workflows for PS and SS
  • Sequential / parallel steps
    • E.g. Approval step 1 and 2 can happen in parallel, but approval step 3 inactive until both 1 and 2 complete.
  • Skippable steps
    • Approver from previous step can skip next step.
  • Backup approvers
    • Additional users can be added as approvers for a step. User can be notified at multiple emails.
  • Invalidated steps
    • Define fields that invalidate approval. E.g. new event time will cancel admin approval and notify approver.
  • Chat with organising staff and other approvers throughout the planning process.

Parent Permissions

  • After an activity is approved, staff in charge may send permission notes through the system.
  • Parents will not be able to consent once limit or due by is reached.
  • Pre-filled email template with optional custom text.
  • Email link opens to a page with event details and an option to respond with consent.
  • Parents of students with outdated data will be prompted to complete the Student Data Check form after providing a response.
  • Responses are visible to the organising staff member.


  • Emails sent by the system to keep everyone up to date.

Absence events

  • Integrated with SIS. 
  • Expected absences automatically created 2 weeks from activity start.
  • Absence records synced with changes to student list until 7 days after event

Roll marking

  • Rolls created in SIS for roll marking on and during the event.