A new direction

  • A shift away from semester based reporting to a continuous feedback model providing timely, targeted, and calculated feedback to students about their learning progress.

The solution

  • A central interface to manage the creation of assessments, handle grading, feedback, and ultimately, parent messaging and views of learning progress. 
  • Value added for students and parents, being able to see view progress over time. 
  • End of semester reports are drastically simplified, reducing end of semester reporting burden.

Task creation 

  • Define a summative task
  • Define the rubric for the task
  • Select Evidence of leaning attachments and links

Task Feedback

  • Grade the rubric
  • Add evidence of learning
  • Add a comment

Affective grading

  • A single place where teachers can input affective grades for students they teach.
  • Insights can be gained from related task engagement
  • Synced to SIS (Synergetic) via scheduled task to be included in semester reporting.