About me

I am a full stack software developer located in Canberra, Australia. Building software is the first discipline that I enjoyed. For me, development it is not just a job or skill, it is an obsession. I studied Software Engineering at the University of Canberra, and I’ve worked mostly in the education sector since then to provide solution architecture and development services. Currently, I am a Senior Developer at Canberra Grammar School. You can see my full work history on Linkedin.

I love helping organisations transition from complex manual and paper-based processes to digitised, dynamic, and automated solutions with a seamless integration of technology. I love creating web applications, extensions, integrations and workflows that make organisations operate more efficiently and enhance end users’ capabilities and experiences.

My current interests include Serverless Architecture, Front-end development with Vue.js, and Digital Transformation projects.

Previously, I’ve worked a lot with Moodle, Laravel, WordPress, API development, and Intelledox Infiniti forms and workflow development.

Over the years, I have developed deep knowledge and practice in many web technologies.

Feel free to contact me, or connect with me on Linkedin.